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Welcome. Last week, a reader recommended the Netflix series “Squid Game,” describing it as “a tapestry made with threads from ‘The Hunger Games,’ ‘The Purge,’ ‘Rounders’ and the creepy elements of Willy Wonka.” Ted Sarandos, co-C.E.O. of Netflix, recently said there’s “a very good chance it’s going to be our biggest show ever.”

You could start watching “Squid Game” this weekend, if you haven’t seen it yet. The sugar candy dalgona, also known as ppopgi, plays a large role in Episode 3; after you’ve watched, perhaps you’ll want to make your own (two ingredients: sugar and baking soda). Here’s a roundup of some more smart analysis of the show. And here’s what to watch next, if you’re looking for more of the dystopian elements “Squid Game” mines.

It’s not too late to join the ranks of the pandemic declutterers. “Covid sent the nation into lockdown,” wrote Joanne Kaufman. “Stuck within their own four walls, people began pondering such existential questions as ‘Why do I have seven Pyrex loaf pans?'” It’s a lovely weekend to divest of your kitchen multiples.

Save at least one pan to make Dorie Greenspan’s miso-maple loaf, about which she wrote, in her recipe-testing notebook, “If I owned a bed-and-breakfast, I’d make this my signature.” (What would be your B&B signature? Mine would be linen bedding in arresting colorways.)

You could try a cider cocktail (with or without alcohol) this weekend. Or lose yourself in Sam Anderson’s profile of Laurie Anderson. Fall in love with Maria Callas. Get to know Nicholas Braun, the actor who plays Cousin Greg on “Succession.” Read an excerpt from Jocelyn Nicole Johnson’s “My Monticello.” Get outside if you can. When you’re inside, get cozy.

Your list of lists.

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This live performance by Waxahatchee at KEXP, in Seattle, will start your weekend with some soothing vibes.

I’ve been enjoying All We Can Do Is Dance, which features videos of dancers improvising in unlikely settings. Here’s Yutaka Nakata in the woods in Lille, France.

And I recommend “Parent Trap,” a short story by Hannah Gold, in The Drift.

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